Signs/Open Houses


 We understand selling a home is important to a homeowner and their agent. To facilitate the process and assure the POA staff focuses on the maintenance of the common areas, the POA Board of Directors implemented a new This Home Available (THA) Sign Policy effective September 13, 2018.  The following establishes the policy guidelines: 

1. If your Realtor/Broker decides to use a “This Home Available” sign in their marketing plan, they are available for purchase for $50.00 each.
2. For Sale Yard Signs, are a usual and customary sales expense for Realtors.   Upon purchase by the Realtor, the sign becomes their property which they will be able to use for future listings.
3. The Realtor will be responsible for the installation and removal of the sign(s).
4. Two signs will be permitted for each residential property; the location of such may be at the discretion of the Realtor, provided the following;
a) No signs will be permitted in an easement including the 30 foot golf course easement. Please note the POA has a 20 foot drainage and utility easement measured from the back of the concrete road ribbon. 
b) No signs will be permitted within ten (10) feet of a mailbox or a fire hydrant.
c)  No signs will be permitted on a lot line or adjacent to a neighboring lot line.
5. The sign may not be altered or defaced.  
6.  It is highly recommended a Realtor/Broker identification number be marked on the back of the sign. The POA reserves the right to relocate a sign if it determines the sign creates an obstacle, nuisance or obstruction. 

The POA reserves the right to remove a sign that does not conform to the POA guidelines.
The POA will not be responsible for any damaged or stolen signs.
No refunds will be issued.
The sign cannot be returned for a refund upon the sale of the home or loss of a contract.  


Realtors may use their own company signs for Realtor broker tours and open houses provided the following conditions are adhered to:

a. Size of the sign name plate shall not exceed 24 inches wide and 18 inches in height.
b. The overall height of the sign shall not exceed 30 inches.
c. The sign may not exceed three colors.
d. The name of the company and phone number may be displayed.
f. The Realtor name may not be displayed.
g. Signs must be removed immediately following the tour.
h. No sign may be placed within ten (10) feet of a mailbox or fire hydrant.
j. Any other pre-existing rules regarding broker tours and open houses must be adhered to.    

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at (847) 304-2850.  


Open Houses 

Broker Tours: Wynstone complies with the Northwest Area Tour Day of “Tuesday”.
• Private Tours:

  • A Listing Agent may have a private tour any day of the week with advance notification to the WPOA Office. All Open Houses must be by “Appointment Only” and a list of prospective clients given to the Public Safety (Main Gate) Office prior to the Open House.

  • All newspaper, radio and television ads must state the Open House is by “Appointment Only”. Anyone not on the advance guest list will be turned away if the Gate Officer is unable to reach the listing agent for clearance.