Explanation of Fees


The annual assessments are established by the Wynstone Board of Directors with the approval of the budget. The current fee is $5,850.00, paid in semi-annual installments, due in January and July. This fee is paid by all homesites in the community.  Wynstone is a self-sufficient community, managed by a team of professional staff. The assessments are used to maintain the private roads, common areas and community facilities including expenses for power, fuel, equipment and salaries.  Assessments are also used for the Wynstone Public Safety Department who provides twenty four hour security and gate access to our gated community.  The Public Safety personnel are trained to provide first response for health and safety matters.  Wynstone features the ABDi Gate Access System which offers residents the ability to manage their guest entry list via a smart phone or electronic device.  ABDi also offers text message alerts upon guest entry. 

Special Service Area #17 (SSA)

In 2009, $6,255,000 of bonds were sold to pay for the extension of a sewer line from Wynstone to the Village of Lake Zurich. Wynstone uses a lagoon system to treat the effluent wastewater from the community. The treated water is applied to the golf course when weather permits. We discharge effluent to Lake Zurich during heavy rains and winter months when the soil is snow covered and frozen.

The fee for the SSA is on the annual tax bill issued by the Lake County Tax Assessor. Every water customer of the Wynstone Water Plant is charged the SSA fee. The bonds are scheduled to be paid off in 20 years, thus this fee will be on the tax bill for approximately 12 more years. Please remember the tax bills are always a year behind. The fee on the tax bill has two components; a flat fee ($545.84  for 2019) which every customer pays, and a variable fee based on a percentage of the customers annual water usage. The fee on the tax bill is shown as a combined dollar amount. This charge changes yearly depending on the bond repayment schedule and the customer’s prior year’s water usage. Annually, in December, the tax consultants prepare the Administrative Report for the amount to be levied for the following year by the Lake County Tax Assessor.

 The SSA#19 Bond Issue was  completed in May 2019.   In July of 2018, the Village of North Barrington notified Wynstone that as of February 2019, the POA had an opportunity to prepay SSA#17, as the 10 year “no pre-payment penalty”  was due to expire.  Other funding sources were explored including  conventional bank lending, IEPA low interest loans, and qualifying federal grants.  Piper Jaffrey and Raymond James  were consulted to examine the merits of creating a new Special Service Area bond issue.  A new SSA could raise enough capital to not only pay off SSA#17, but also raise enough new capital to fund the planned three year infrastructure program.  In July of 2016, Trotter & Associates was commissioned to conduct a five and twenty year Water and Sewer Master Plan to determine infrastructure repair, replacement needs, and costs. The report identified all major components of our water and sewer systems; wells, lift stations, water storage tanks, storm sewer manholes, fire hydrants, water meters and both the primary and secondary storage lagoons. The engineer’s estimate for the five year plan was $7,000,000.00, which included $5,000,000.00 for the rebuilding the two waste water storage lagoons.   The new projected SSA#19 had the potential to raise $11,500,000.00 which could pay-off SSA#17, cover the new bond cost of issuance, and fund the infrastructure rehabilitation program.  The bonds require 80% project completion within three years.  The sewer and water infrastructure was installed in 1988 with a 25 year useful life, and the community was now 30 years old.  The Village of North Barrington retained the services of Bernardi Securities and the law firm of Ice Miller to begin the process. Moody's Investor Services issued a A1 rating.  The final result was enough funding to pre-pay SSA#17  with its costly interest rate of  7%, thereby saving  $350,000,00 in interest, and raised sufficient funds to pay for the infrastructure program.  * Please see the attached Summation Exhibit.  The new SSA#19 issuance of $11,500,000.00 in Municipal Tax Exempt Bonds bear a 3.38% fixed interest rate for 25 years.  This type of borrowing is not typically available through any mortgage or conventional lending programs. The annual cost to each resident or commercial water customer is estimated to be $1,551.00 per year commencing in 2020. The previous SSA#17 averaged $1,150.00 per household based on a combined fixed and annual water usage fee.  On the June 2020 tax bill  SSA#17 will be replaced by SSA#19.
in the amount of  $1,591.84

Quarterly Water Bills

Customers of the Wynstone Water Plant will receive invoices four times a year ( January, April, July, October) for their water use. The fee is divided into three components: 

Reserve Fund – Each year the Board determines an appropriate amount for the Water Plant Reserve Fund for future capital improvements or emergency repairs. The 2019 Reserve Fund is $215,000.00, a cost of $41.00/month ($123.00/quarter).

Base Rate – The base rate fee is for fixed expenditures for the maintenance of the Ion Exchange Unit, fire hydrants and other equipment to operate the distribution and collection system. The fee is $91.63/month ($274.89/quarter).

Usage Fee – The usage fee is for expenses attributed to water/sewer treatment including chemicals, testing, and utilities. The fee is $8.58 per 1,000 gallons of water.

Wynstone Water Rates are very competitive.  See how we compare to our neighbors.  

Each year the Board of Directors’ reviews the budget to determine the appropriate assessments and water fees. 
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